TAC 01: Are you living the Absolute Yes life?

How can we live the Absolute Yes life every moment of our day? This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we kick off our season with a discussion on what are all the things we say ‘Yes’ to in our day. We ask: what fills your calendar and would you rather be doing something else? With so many demands on our time, how can we ensure that every single yes is in fact, an Absolute Yes!

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Additional show notes below:

Resources Mentioned in Show:

  1. Rory Vaden, author of book – Procastinate on Purpose.
    Podcast: The Emotions of Time Management (The 1 Simple Thing Podcast)
    Blog Post: Who are you saying ‘no’ to? 
  2. Cheryl Richardson, author of book – Let me disappoint you.
    An Excerpt from ‘Let Me Disappoint You’.
  3. Laura Vanderkamp, author of book – 168 hours.
  4. Jonathan Mead on how to identify your highest value tasks with the ‘High value to-do list cheat sheet
  5. Jamie Tardy says ‘Don’t give an answer for a day’ on the Beyond the To-do List podcast: Jamie Tardy on Work Ethic, Intense Focus and Absolute Yes! 

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