TAC 02: It’s time to take up your space!

An episode for the women out there who quietly take on the world – professionally and personally – as well as everyone else’s worlds… and needs… and emails… You know who you are!  This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we talk about reconsidering the “I have to” narrative, and the times we need to take up more of the space, and less of the load. Stretch out ladies! This is the occupy YOU movement.

Shout out to Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz, for our theme music.
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Additional show notes below:

Resources Mentioned in Show:

  1. Michael Hyatt – How to create more margin in your life by planning for your ideal week. Weekly template included.
  2. Ravi Jain – Why Not Theatre 
  3. Laura Vanderkamp, author of book, 168 hours.
  4. Jonathan Mead on how to identify your highest value tasks with the – High value to-do list cheat sheet
  5. Nova Browning Rutherford – But I Love Me More

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