TAC 06: We ‘leaned in’ and it smelled like bad management

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we get into the realities of women in the workplace, particularly in the Non-Profit sector. We bring up challenges that we have faced and how these challenges are indications of systemic issues despite how much we ‘lean in’, be more ‘confident’ or work through our lunch breaks.
We had to take a short, unintended necessary break last week. Thanks for the patience!

Shout out to Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz, for our theme music.

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Additional show notes below.

Resources Mentioned in Show:

  1. Confidence Game: The Problem with ‘Lean in’ by Linda Gordon  (article)
  2. Think Like a man, Act Like a Lady, Work like a Dog (Yep, It’s an actual book from 1979)
  3. Why Women Still Can’t Have it all (article)
  4. Why Women Apologize and Should Stop (article)
  5. Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex by Incite! 
  6. Origin of the 8-hour work day and why we should rethink it (article)
  7. The Average Worker is only productive for 3-hours a day (article)
  8. How our engineering environments are killing diversity (article)
    “Women in tech are the canary in the coal mine. Normally when the canary in the coal mine starts dying you know the environment is toxic and you should get the hell out. Instead, the tech industry is looking at the canary, wondering why it can’t breathe, saying “Lean in, canary. Lean in!” When one canary dies they get a new one because getting more canaries is how you fix the lack of canaries, right? Except the problem is that there isn’t enough oxygen in the coal mine, not that there are too few canaries.”
  9. Canada is far from breaking the glass ceiling over women in the workplace (article)
  10. 21 Proven Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome (article)
  11. Finding Nemo – Swim Down Together (video)

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