TAC 07: Occupy Your Lunchbreak!

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we continue the conversation about women in the workplace. We honestly discuss the experiences we’ve had in our adult work lives and what we’ve learned along the way. We bring forward strategies that we think women and allies can use to create better work environments. And it starts with Occupying your Lunchbreak!

We wanted to apologize for the use of the word crazy. We will work to be more vigilant of our usage of language that reproduces power inequities. It can be an offensive and ableist term. It can stigmatize people working through mental health issues.

Shout out to Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz, for our theme music.

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Additional show notes below.

Important Tidbits Mentioned in Show:

  1. At the end of the day, it’s our health and well-being that’s on the line. There is no project that is more important than your health.
  2. If we want to have a sustained movement for social change in any way – we have to take care of ourselves – self love is how we’re going to get there. We’re not going to get there if every three years we all are continuously burning out over and over. And that’s how the system wins.
  3. In all of our different lives as women, where are our position of power and privilege? And where are we providing voice where and we can? How can we support each other instead of cutting each other down?
  4. You don’t have to put up the gap in someone else’s plan. It’s their fault they set up a flawed structure. It is also a characteristic of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.
  5. It’s not that we’re not about hard work. But we’re not for exploitation.
  6. What makes a workplace toxic:
    – Being volun-told
    – Being guilt-tripped
    – Full-time work for Part-time pay
    – unsafe workspaces (budget priorities)
  7. Is ‘leaning in’ killing you? Try leaning out. By: Rosa Brooks

    Manifestus for the Rest of Us:
    We need to fight for our right to lean out, and we need to do it together, girls. If we’re going to fight the culture of workplace ubiquity, and the parallel and equally-pernicious culture of intensive parenting, we need to do it together — and we need to bring our husbands and boyfriends and male colleagues along, too. They need to lean out in solidarity, for their own sake as well as ours.

    Women of the world, recline!

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