TAC 11: Epilogue

This week on our epilogue for The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we talk about what we will be working in our creative lives and what’s next for The Anti-Casserole. Also, THANK YOU’s. Lots and Lots of Thank you’s.

Comment below and let us know if you would like a Season 2. And what you would like to hear on Season 2.
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Shout out to Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz, for our theme music.

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Additional show notes below.

  1. Maya Annik Bedward: http://mayaannik.com/
  2. Movie: Girlhood
  3. Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God
  4. Loveleen’s coaching contact: info@loveleenkaur.ca
  5.  Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz
  6. Photographer, Taiwo Bah
  7. Writer, Anupa
  8. Documentary Filmmaker, Juan Baquero
  9. Writer, Joelle 
  10. Photographer, Nabil Shash
  11. Podcaster: Dave Anderson from Moving Millennials
  12. Podcaster: Husein Panju – LawyerEd
  13. Singer, Selena Dhillon
  14. Documentary Filmmaker, Mariam Zaidi


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