The Anti-Casserole is a weekly podcast for creative women swimming upstream.

Every Wednesday, we will discuss topics that have come up in our journey as we learn what it takes to live the creative life.

Here is a list of our podcasts in order:

Week of June 1, 2015: TAC 00: Welcome to the Anti-Casserole!
Week of June 8, 2015: TAC 01: Are you living the Absolute Yes life?
Week of June 15, 2015: TAC 02: It’s Time to take up your space!
Week of June 22, 2015: TAC 03: Who are your Top 5 and what does that say about you?
Week of June 29, 2015: TAC 04: The Hater Within
Week of July 5, 2015: TAC 05: Growth Tension
Week of July 20, 2015: TAC 06: We ‘Leaned In’ and it smelled like bad management
Week of July 27, 2015: TAC 07: Occupy your Lunchbreak!
Week of August 3, 2015: TAC 08: Our Worst Enemy? Our Self-Sabotage and bad habits
Week of August 10, 2015: TAC 09: When did you decide IT can’t be done?
Week of August 24, 2015: TAC 10: The Final Episode – A Reflection








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