As the weeks pass – we will be updating this page with all the resources mentioned in the show.


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Resources Mentioned in the Show


  1. Rory Vaden, author of book – Procastinate on Purpose.
    Podcast: The Emotions of Time Management (The 1 Simple Thing Podcast)
    Blog Post: Who are you saying ‘no’ to? 
  2. Cheryl Richardson, author of book – Let me disappoint you.
    An Excerpt from ‘Let Me Disappoint You’.
  3. Laura Vanderkamp, author of book – 168 hours.

Useful Web Resources:

  1. Jonathan Mead on how to identify your highest value tasks with the ‘High value to-do list cheat sheet
  2. Jamie Tardy says ‘Don’t give an answer for a day’ on the Beyond the To-do List podcast: Jamie Tardy on Work Ethic, Intense Focus and Absolute Yes! 
  3. Michael Hyatt – How to create more margin in your life by planning for your ideal week. Weekly template included.

People to know:

  1. Ravi Jain – Why Not Theatre 
  2. Nova Browning Rutherford – But I Love Me More